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    „Where can we start? Through the darkest times our family had to live, Dr Arraez was that bright light that kept us afloat as well as the saviour of our son. Our twenty-one-year old was diagnosed with an agressive form of cancer of unknown origin and three vertebrae in his neck region had been eaten away by the tumour, that same tumour also spreading along the nervous system in the neck area. It was many hours of surgery where Dr Arraez and his team removed the bulk of the tumour and replaced the broken vertebrae. The goal was being able to replace the vertebrae without affecting the spinal cord and removing most of the cancer tumour without affecting the nervous system. The operation was an absolute success. Dr Arraez, as some of his colleagues that we met prior to the surgery told us, is one of the most reputable neuro-surgeon in the world, therefore a very busy man as one can imagine. He, however, was present every step of the way, before, during and after the surgery. Always reachable and always words of reassurance instilling confidence in those dark times. Also a special word for his PA Rocío who moved heaven and earth for the admin side with the hospitals and other medical bodies. Ten months later, our son is cancer-free and all thanks to Dr Arraez and the team at HC Marbella (Dr Cortes) who managed the radiotherapy and chemotherapy side of the treatment. Dr Arraez, you are an exceptional professional and human being. We shall be thankful all of our lives for what you did for our son. May God protect you forever. Salvó la vida de nuestro hijo, una deuda eterna para el doctor Arraez. Ver más


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