Especialistas en Eco Doppler arterial de extremidades, Palma de Mallorca

  • Miguel Casares Santiago - Radiólogo Palma de Mallorca

    Miguel Casares Santiago

    Radiólogo (Radiología Intervencionista)

    • Company 30, Palma de Mallorca

      Clínica Juaneda - Palma

    • Calle Camino de la Vileta, 30, Palma de Mallorca

      Hospital Juaneda Miramar

    Lo mejor: Dr Casares with his professionalism, precision, ability to execute his job to the maximum levels and humanity contribute to prolong my dear late husband life in the most comfortable way during his illness.I’ll be forever grateful to such a great Doctor and his team also for his psychological support Podría mejorar: I can’t think of anything that he could get better at. His fantastic frank attitude, his firm handshake and bedside manner makes you feel in the best hands and he’s always there for you either for an emergency or an advice. Great Doctor! …ver más

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